Advice for swapping down my fuel dryer myself

Advice for swapping down my fuel dryer myself

My (rather old) washer blew through to me a few weeks hence (evidently it has been unbalanced for a time. Was included with the accepted place and I also never thought an excessive amount of the vibration until it absolutely was far too late.) and have always been getting a brandname set that is new back at my brand new set (Washer HERE, petrol Dryer HERE) from Sears on Thursday.

They desired about $80 plus parts to put in them (I forget if it absolutely was each or for both) and I also declined having simply disconnected every thing myself, we figured it will be effortless sufficient to create the newest people. I am perhaps perhaps not specially handy but I am at about replace-my-own-ceiling-fan, remove-and-reinstall-my-own-garbage-disposal level.

I am maybe not overly worried about the washer, but I happened to be reviewing the manual for the dryer online and it’s me a little stressed. It discusses having to purge the fuel type of atmosphere twice, using teflon tape (i did not see any proof of that from the old install), etc.

Therefore I wanted to pose issue- is it a thing that some body inside my degree are capable of myself or is there enough gotchas that i will cough within the cash? Continue reading Advice for swapping down my fuel dryer myself