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M. Night Shyamalan;
genre: Action;
Runtime: 1 H 43 minutes;
audience score: 147124 Votes;
tomatometers: 4,8 of 10

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This is completely atrocious. I have not left a movie theater so disappointed since I saw Dragonball Evolution. I had a feeling this movie wouldn’t work, but I didn’t think it would be this bad. The racially inaccurate casting is the smallest problem of the film. The big problems are poor writing, below average acting, and a rushed plot.
Okay, the first thing I will mention is that the movie is way too rushed and tries to cram to much. This film tries to take all the plot points from the first book of the series (which is 20 episodes long) and capture it all in about 90 minutes. That just doesn’t work. This should have been more like 2 and a half hours long if not just split into two movies. The result is that nothing is explained enough, and the viewer has no time to enjoy anything, Every 5 minutes the movie is moving to another plot point. No time is taken for the story to deepen, and characters never get to develop real personalities or relations to other characters. Katara, one of my favorite characters from the series, gets little screen time and never really establishes a relationship to Aang. The overall result of rushing and cramming the plot is that the story is shallow and not engaging. Without time to let anything sink and or develop it’s not interesting at all. Bottom line, the film should have been expanded.
Next up, the acting is not good. None of the actors portray the personalities that their cartoon counterparts did. M. Knight Shamylan says that he picked the actor for Aang because he could really portray Aang’s character. This is not true at all. In the series Aang is a lighthearted and reluctant hero. In the movie he’s portrayed as serious and strong-willed and never hesitant. The Actress for Katara is okay but has too little screen to to develop her character. The actor for Sokka portrays him as serious and witty, but in the series he’s a sarcastic source of comic relief. You could say the actors themselves are doing an okay job, but their characters are badly butchered in the script. To make matters worse is the bad dialogue. Yes, this is a kids movie, but some of the lines sound like they’re written for 4 year olds.
To top it all off, the movie was made into 3D at the last second. Why? to make money. My cousin convinced me to pay an extra 3 dollars per ticket to see it in 3D. It was not worth it. 90% of the movie doesn’t even have 3D effects, and what 3D the movies does have is forgettable. The best 3D effect came from the ads before the film. It was obviously just a last minute decision to milk more money from viewers.
The only good things I can say about the movie is that the effects and fights are good. They’re not great, just good. In the end the story is incredibly rushed, the characters are all wrong, and the deepest emotional part is a 5 second scene between Aang and Katara. Should they decide to make the sequels they’ve already planned they need to expand the movies and get people who actually know about the series.