In the meantime, a hotel near downtown Innsbruck, where the infected Italian worked, has been temporarily closed by order of the state.

In the meantime, a hotel near downtown Innsbruck, where the infected Italian worked, has been temporarily closed by order of the state.

In the meantime, a hotel near downtown Innsbruck, where the infected Italian worked, has been temporarily closed by order of the state. The Italian’s home in the state capital was also affected.

Information: The Agency for Health and Food Safety (AGES) has set up a 24/7 hotline for questions about the coronavirus: 0800 555 621

Anyone who has symptoms or fears they may be ill should stay at home. Contact with other people should be minimized and the health hotline 1450 should be called and the instructions given there should be followed exactly.

Quarantined until the weekend

Two people have contracted the corona virus in Tyrol. You are currently isolated in the Innsbruck clinic. It is still unclear where the two people got infected. The patients had turned to the control center in Tyrol and described their symptoms. In any case, you will remain in quarantine until the weekend. This was said by Günter Weiss, Director of the Innsbruck University Clinic for Internal Medicine II on Tuesday at a press conference called at short notice.

Hotel temporarily cordoned off

The two cases have now also resulted in far-reaching official measures: A hotel near downtown Innsbruck, where the infected Italian worked, was temporarily blocked by order of the state. The Italian’s home in the state capital was also affected, the operations had started early Tuesday evening and were still ongoing for the time being. The lock of the hotel, in which the Italian is said to have worked as a receptionist, is said to last until 8 p.m. The police did not want to confirm this for the time being when asked by the APA.

Guests were denied entry

Around 15 police officers and employees of the state’s medical authorities were on duty. Guests were denied access to the hotel and their data was recorded. The emergency services wore respiratory masks, and some guests in the hotel were also given them. How many people were in the hotel at the time of the lock was initially unknown.

“Safety and precaution are now our top priority.”

These measures are taking place “in order to identify possible contact persons and to carry out all necessary clarifications,” said a broadcast from the country. “Safety and precaution are now our top priority. We take all the necessary measures for this. The authorities are in close coordination with the health facilities and the workplace of women,” said Tyrolean Governor Günther Platter (ÖVP), who in consultation with Federal Chancellor Sebastian In short, Interior Minister Karl Nehammer (both ÖVP) and Innsbruck’s Mayor Georg Willi (Greens) had ordered the short-term isolation.

The place of residence is also currently being shielded.

The 24-year-old Italian had worked and lived in Innsbruck. Her boyfriend of the same age was last visiting the woman in the Tyrolean capital.

Couple from Bergamo

The couple comes from the Bergamo area, who traveled to Innsbruck by car on Friday. Both came to the Innsbruck clinic on Monday evening after calling the control center. The two are currently under observation. But they are in “good condition”, says Weiss. “As of today (Tuesday, note), both are free of fever,” said the doctor.

© APA / EXPA / Spiess The couple is in isolation in the Innsbruck hospital

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Own outpatient clinic planned at Innsbruck clinic

Platter also announced that it would set up its own outpatient clinic at the Innsbruck clinic for suspected coronavirus cases. Where exactly these are located and how big they will be is still unclear, said Health Councilor Bernhard Tilg (ÖVP). In this “unit” it should be possible to determine immediately whether a disease could be present.

Own hotline for Tyrol

In addition to the contact point in the clinic, information on current developments is provided on the state’s homepage. In addition, a separate hotline will be set up for Tyrol, to which the population can turn with questions. The district hospitals are available for clarification, as are the resident doctors, whose support is now needed, as Platter said. So far, 14 people have been tested for the corona virus in Tyrol.

“There is no need to panic”

Platter tried to calm down: “There is no need to panic,” he said once more. The country is preparing for all eventualities. “The task force will meet every morning,” he said. The blue light organizations, the medical profession and representatives of the state medical directorate are involved. The governor again denied possible border controls at the Brenner Pass, as these were “not effective”. In the afternoon there will be an extraordinary meeting of the European Region Tyrol-South Tyrol-Trentino in Bolzano, which Platter had convened as the incumbent Euregio President.

Kurz promises “all measures to prevent spread”


Sebastian Kurz

(ÖVP) promises after the first two cases “all measures to prevent spreading as much as possible”. The top priority is to protect the Austrian population and to do everything possible “to prevent it from spreading as far as possible,” said Kurz on the sidelines of his trip to London.

“A case has occurred for which we are prepared”

“A case has occurred for which we are prepared, and now we have to react quickly,” emphasized the Chancellor to journalists. “We try to ensure the best possible cooperation between the authorities and also to ensure that there is transparent information for the population. There is nothing to be concealed, but all facts are communicated transparently.”

© APA / Schneider Kurz in London: “Are exactly prepared”

It is important “that we in Austria and in Europe have a realistic assessment of the situation,” said Kurz. But it is not appropriate to “panic”. The risk of the virus spreading to Europe has been known for some time. “We are exactly prepared for it.”

Anschober praises the procedure: “Both reacted correctly”

Health Minister Rudolf Anschober (Greens) praised the actions of the two infected people in Tyrol. “Both of those affected reacted correctly and called the doctor immediately after the symptoms appeared after their entry.” The responsible health authorities, the state of Tyrol, the city council of Innsbruck and the crisis team that has been set up will take the necessary health measures, the Ministry of Health said. In any case, Austria is prepared for the situation, so Anschober. “We are proceeding in close coordination with neighboring countries and the EU Commission.”

19 hospital employees under “special observation”

In Tyrol, the Zams regional hospital also had to deal with the corona virus. 19 employees are currently under “special observation” because they went on a company outing to the Carnival in Venice. But none of the employees have shown symptoms so far, said the hospital. If this changes, people will have to stay at home and wait for further steps to be ordered, it said.

Suspected case in Linz

In Linz-Pichling this morning there was also a suspected case – regardless of the bus. A 55-year-old Linz native showed symptoms after a trip to Italy that could indicate an infection, as the city of Linz confirmed to the “courier”. He was isolated in a doctor’s office. The man was with a tour group in Venice, the other members of the group were asked to stay at home until the result of the test. The result should be available in the afternoon.

Vorarlberg: Suspected cases not confirmed

The Vorarlberg suspected cases have not been confirmed. On Tuesday afternoon, after the results of the two samples had been confirmed, the state press office informed. On Wednesday, Governor Markus Wallner (ÖVP) will discuss the latest developments in northern Italy with experts in Vorarlberg. He has convened the crisis team to discuss possible or necessary measures in the country. “There is no need to worry, but we are meeting as a precaution to be prepared for the eventuality,” said Wallner.

Who is being tested?

When asked that the number of suspected cases is increasing sharply, Grabher pointed out the criteria for a suspected case: either the person must come from China or they must have been in contact with someone suffering from the coronavirus and show symptoms of the disease themselves. According to these criteria, the two suspected cases are the only ones. However, there are of course a large number of insecure people who “feel a scratchy throat after a trip to Venice or Milan and then go to the family doctor and have a smear taken,” said the state medical director.

59 hospitals in Austria equipped

In Austria, 59 hospitals are equipped for treatment. The Ministry of Health published a list of hospitals on Tuesday. Most of them are in Upper Austria, at 15, followed by 14 in Lower Austria, eight in Tyrol and six in Salzburg.

The list of hospitals can also be downloaded HERE.

There are five facilities each in Carinthia and Vorarlberg, four in Styria and one hospital in Burgenland. In Vienna, the Kaiser-Franz-Josef-Spital is the first point of contact for suspected cases. The 4th medical department there specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of such viral diseases. How many beds there are in isolated wards across Austria could not initially be determined on Tuesday.

For Vienna, the office of City Councilor for Health Peter Hacker spoke of a capacity of up to “a few hundred beds”. If necessary, two hospitals can even be made completely available for patients with Covid 19 diseases. In the federal capital, preparations for the worst case scenario had already started weeks ago.

Nehammer: “Do everything we can to prevent the spread”

After the occurrence of the first two confirmed cases in Tyrol, Austria would link the warning chain with the Italian authorities even more closely, “in order to be able to react even more decisively, even faster and with all severity,” announced Interior Minister Karl Nehammer (ÖVP) in a first Tuesday afternoon Response on the occasion of a visit to the Salzburg police department.

© APA / Neumüller Nehammer: “Do everything we can to prevent spread”

Specifically, this means that you have to intervene immediately if there are suspicious cases, as recently with the ÖBB train that was stopped at the Brenner. “We are doing everything we can to prevent the virus from spreading, in close coordination with the state governors, the state medical departments, the state police departments and the ministries involved. If an isolation is initiated, the police will do everything possible to ensure that the quarantine measures are observed.” said Nehammer.

Major events currently not affected

When asked whether it is also conceivable to block locations, the minister said: “This will be reassessed from case to case, from situation to situation, or constantly evaluated. In any case, the most efficient measures will be taken.” Major events such as the soccer Europa League game next Thursday in Salzburg are currently not affected. It is currently being examined to what extent a spread through the contacts between the two infected people was even possible.

Regarding the two confirmed cases in Innsbruck, the minister said that the necessary measures would now come into force. “The task force in the Ministry of the Interior meets 24 hours, seven days a week.” He is also in contact with Health Minister Anschober, who is currently in Rome at a conference of the health ministers of Italy and its neighboring countries. “The police and authorities are now required to identify those people who were last in contact with the two infected people.” At best, these could also be isolated in order to prevent a further chain of infection.

The population should be actively informed

Nehammer also announced on Tuesday that it would actively inform the population so that rumors cannot fill an information vacuum. “What we know and do is clearly communicated to the population.”

Rendi-Wagner explains protective measures

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Pamela Rendi-Wagner

in a video:

Armed Forces increase readiness

The armed forces are also currently taking all measures necessary to increase readiness. “If the armed forces are requested to provide assistance, our soldiers can react quickly and provide comprehensive help,” said Defense Minister

Klaudia Tanner

(ÖVP) after a meeting with the General Staff of the Federal Army on Tuesday.

The Federal Ministry for National Defense today ordered increased leadership readiness for some of the armed forces, the ministry announced. For the time being, this only affects the management staff and is intended to ensure their immediate availability. In addition, the specific availability of all NBC forces (trained to defend against atomic, biological and chemical warfare agents, note) of the military police and the medical personnel is determined. This means that each one of these forces will be checked to see whether they will be available in the coming weeks and months. This is important for any further measures. In addition, the available transport space for land and air transport is queried.

Tanner had been informed about the specific plans and measures of the General Staff and the Federal Army regarding the Corona situation. A possible deployment of the armed forces would take place on the basis of the Defense Act in the form of an assistance request.

The day after tomorrow, Thursday, the government politician at the NBC defense center in Korneuburg (Lower Austria) wants to personally get an idea of ​​the preparations. There – also for the media – information is provided about the course of a possible deployment. 500 NBC soldiers are available in five companies in the armed forces. You can arrange for the decontamination of health workers who have had contact with infected people, as well as the decontamination of infrastructure such as schools, trams or kindergartens. The readiness of the NBC defense force is high, because an emergency can occur for them at any minute, informs the armed forces on its homepage.