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  1. Elissa Down
  2. 7 / 10 star
  3. writers: Michael Armbruster, Shawn Ku
  4. Genres: Drama, Comedy
  5. Info: Feel the Beat is a movie starring Sofia Carson, Pamela MacDonald, and Sonia Laplante. After failing to find success on Broadway, April returns to her hometown and reluctantly is recruited to train a misfit group of young dancers for

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Okay first of all, this kids movies always started with trailer which sells and gives too much of the story. So I’m pretty much well-informed.
The conflict starter is really. cliche… a dreamer who failed and try to get it together. The story progress is also what you expected in family movie. Problem – hero tries to conquer – hero fails – hero tries again – hero succeeds – hero fails big time – hero prevails – and all is save. I must but commend the essence of the movie, it’s light and bundles childish humour (i must admit i laughed a couple of times) a decent character developement and a great choreographer. I must say the dancing is what you expect of hollywood movie, the lead dancer’s technique i must admit is very good, a nice posture, power and attitude, though the styling could be better.
I wouldn’t say it’s all that inspiring, there’s aspects of reality, but because it’s a family movie) some things are make-believes and impossible to happen in reality. But it’s indeed enjoyable.

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This show was so formulaic.
First, woman screws up her options in NYC so has to move back to small town USA. There she sees all the people who “loved her when” and of course, starts up with the old boy friend who is just “such a great hometown guy. Gilmore Girls anyone?
Second, she decides to teach girls to dance. But I don’t actually see her really teaching them anything. Just makes them do push ups when they misbehave.
Third, Oh yes, the competitions. Of course they win. Annoying watching the parents jump and scream “that’s my kid” in the middle of the show. So inappropriate, that is just not ok in my book. Show some real respect instead of drawing attention to your parental self.
Four, I hated the dance routines. All of them. She was a professional jazz/ballet dancer. What kind of dancing are these kids doing? I wouldn’t call it anything but cheerleading. This is NOT dancing. I was super disappointed by the dancing. I mean REALLY disappointed.
Five, the story was written for 6-7 year old people, I think. That is ok, I guess, but it shouldn’t pretend to be anything else but a kids matinee.

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The BEST movies make you laugh, make you cry. change your life a little bit. This movie hit all the marks! Best ever. Always” song. BRAVO.
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