S. No. Title Link Date DOCUMENT
1 Supply and installation of Tent Items for Vindhya Mahotsaw-2018 on Rental Basis at Engineering College Ground Rewa (M.P.). Visite Site 2018/03/09
2 Proposed Interior and Exterior Work for New Building (PARISHAD HALL) of Municipal Corporation Rewa (M.P.) Visite Site 2018/03/07
3 Supplying of Tractors and Tankers on Rental Basis. Visite Site 2018/03/07
4 Operation & Management of Atal Ashray Sthal Hospital Chowk Rewa Visite Site 2018/03/07
5 Supply of Street Light materials for repair/ maintenance work of Rewa City. Visite Site 2018/02/13
6 Providing and Erection 12.5 Meter High Mast Lighting System at Rani Talab Temple Campus. Visite Site 2018/02/13
7 Storm Water Drainage Project of REWA Municipal Corporation area. Visite Site 2018/02/13
8 “Survey of Depot Plot Area, Preparation of Drawing, Design, DPR, Estimate, Tender Document and Supervision during Construction Work.” Visite Site 2018/02/02
9 Shifting of Pipe Line due to Road Widening from Stadium Tiraha to Neem Chauraha. Visite Site 2018/02/01
10 Drilling of Tube Well 125mm dia. and Installation of Hand Pump Set in Municipal Corporation Rewa Area. Visite Site 2018/02/01