S. No. Title Link Date DOCUMENT
1 “Survey of Depot Plot Area, Preparation of Drawing, Design, DPR, Estimate, Tender Document and Supervision during Construction Work.” Visite Site 2018/02/02
2 Shifting of Pipe Line due to Road Widening from Stadium Tiraha to Neem Chauraha. Visite Site 2018/02/01
3 Drilling of Tube Well 125mm dia. and Installation of Hand Pump Set in Municipal Corporation Rewa Area. Visite Site 2018/02/01
4 Invitation for Services of Bus Operator Visite Site 2018/01/29
5 Security Guard General & Repair & Maintenance of Domestic Electronic Appliance. Visite Site 2018/01/17
6 Training of Street vendor Visite Site 2018/01/17
7 Supply of following Vehicles on Rental Basis to Municipal Corporation Rewa (excluding POL):- Visite Site 2018/01/17
8 Zone-1, Ward-02, Construction of RCC Drain beside of Mr. Umesh Dikshit house. Visite Site 2018/01/17
9 Repairing work of Fire Fighting No. MP-17-D-7703. Visite Site 2017/12/08
10 Zone-1, Construction of Urinals and Water Closet for Girls in Different Schools (1) Girls High School Nipaniya (2) Primary School Khaira (3) High School Chorahata (4) Kanya Sikram Khana (5) Lakhauri Bagh School. ETC. Visite Site 2017/12/08