S. No. Title Link Date DOCUMENT
1 Repairing work of Fire Fighting No. MP-17-D-7703. Visite Site 2017/12/08
2 Zone-1, Construction of Urinals and Water Closet for Girls in Different Schools (1) Girls High School Nipaniya (2) Primary School Khaira (3) High School Chorahata (4) Kanya Sikram Khana (5) Lakhauri Bagh School. ETC. Visite Site 2017/12/08
3 Survey and investigation, including Design, development and commissioning of treatment facility for treatment and disposal of Sludge obtained from Septic tanks of households in Municipal area of Rewa. The treatment facility should be designed for a capacity sufficient enough for treatment and disposal of sludge upto 25 KLD. The work shall include construction of boundary wall and approaches complete. Visite Site 2017/12/07
4 Security Guard General & Repair & Maintenance of Domestic Electronic Appliance. Visite Site 2017/12/06
5 Consultancy services for online survey of street vendors, Biometric ID card issue and preparation of street vending plan. Visite Site 2017/12/06
6 REWA CITY Transport Services Limited “Selection of Bus Operator for Bus Transport System in REWA CITY (on cluster basis) of Madhya Pradesh. Visite Site 2017/11/20
7 Supply of following Vehicles on Rental Basis to Municipal Corporation Rewa (excluding POL):- Visite Site 2017/11/01
8 Supply and Delivery of Fire Foam Tender Having Water Tank 4500 Ltrs. and 500 Ltrs. Foam Tank Mounted on 16 Ton GVW BS-IV Chassis as per Technical Specification of any Standard make – 01 No. Visite Site 2017/10/30
9 Supply of Safari, XUV, Scorpio, Inova, Bolero, Alto and Indigo CS/LX on Rental Basis (Diesel and Driver will be provided by Department) Visite Site 2017/10/30
10 स्वच्छ भारत मिशन अन्तर्गत सूचना, शिक्षा, संप्रेषण, जन जागरूकता कार्यक्रम हेतु नगर पालिक निगम रीवा मेंEOIअन्तर्गत सूचीबद्ध संस्थाओं से विभिन्न गतिविधियों के संचालन का कार्य। Visite Site 2017/10/28