S. No. Title Link Date DOCUMENT
1 स्‍वच्‍छ भारत मिशन 2019 के तहत नगर निगम सीमान्‍तर्गत निर्मित विभिन्‍न सुलभ शौचालयों में सुधार कार्य कराने बावत्। 2018/12/07
2 Construction of WBM Road & Construction of RCC Road and Drain Visite Site 2018/09/20
3 Engagement of Transaction Advisory Consulting Firms For Providing Multiple Technical Assistance To Rewa Municipal Corporation Visite Site 2018/09/20
4 Installation of Organic Waste Converter Machine System Complete, Suitable for 200 Kg. and more Qty- One number along with installation of shredder machines-05 numbers and Providing movable pit system-05 numbers with three years operation and maintenance for all above systems including all machine and manpower as per requirement. Visite Site 2018/09/20
5 Expression of interest for Construction, Commissioning and Maintenance of 05 numbers of Public/Community toilets for 30 years under Municipal Corporation Rewa Area. Visite Site 2018/09/22
6 Ward-15, Zone-04: Construction of RCC Road from the house Mr. VedantTiwari to the house of Mr. Ajay Tiwari. Visite Site 2018/09/18
7 Construction of RCC Road & RCC Drain Visite Site 2018/09/18
8 Construction works have been invited “Percentage Rate Basis” Visite Site 2018/09/12
9 a. Providing and Fixing Horse Back Statue of CHATRAPATI SHIVAJI MAHARAJ – Height 14feet, Weight 4000Kg. made with Red Bronze alloy composition should be Cu-85%, Tin-5%, Zn-5%, Pb-5% (No Brass, No Gun Metal, Only Red Bronze should be used.)- Rs. 43.50 Lacs. & Construction of Pedestal- Rs. 8.50 Lacs. Visite Site 2018/09/14
10 Providing and fixing of Plants (Plantation Work) from Chorahata Bypass to Railway Station Turning including maintenance upto self growth of Plants. Visite Site 2018/09/14