S. No. Title Link Date DOCUMENT
1 Supply and delivery Visite Site 2018/09/14
2 Tender for Establishment of Construction & Demolition Waste Processing Plant of 50 TPD capacity and Operation & Maintenance for 15 years at Rewa Municipal Corporation. Visite Site 2018/09/14
3 Construction Work zone 01, 02 Visite Site 2018/09/12
4 Construction of RCC Road and Drain zone 01, 02, 03, 04 Visite Site 2018/09/12
5 Providing and Installation of fabricated MS steel hutmate Visite Site 2018/09/07
6 Construction of Parking at Venkat Road beside of Ashok Sweets. Visite Site 2018/08/30
7 Construction of RCC Culvert on DhirmaNala beside the house of Mr. Dinesh Vikram Singh at ChanayakPuri Visite Site 2018/08/29
8 Tender for Providing, Operation and Maintenance of Road Sweeping Machines Visite Site 2018/08/14
9 Operation and maintenance of Krishna Raj Kapoor Auditorium, Cafeteria and Open Amphitheater at SirmaurChauraha, Ward No.07, Rewa (M.P.). Visite Site 2018/08/14
10 Construction of WBM road , RCC Road, RCC Drain Etc. Visite Site 2018/08/10